About Us

Shanghai Bota Decoration Engineering Co.Ltd. established in 2003 year,
and focuses on commercial space designing and decorationing with “QiShi” brand. It mainly serves for high quality seekers,
It had served and is serving lots of leading brand such as Golden Jaguar, XiBei Catering, Ajisen Raman, Uniqlo, ETC.

Our certificate

Certificate for Architectural decoration and decoration engineering construction, contract level 2

Design team

Take fashion, creation, practical design philosophy

Serveral designer once served for YUM group brand: KFC, Pizza Hut

Current brand served: Ajisen Raman、Dongxishao ROBOQ、Deep South Yunnan Ethnic Cuisine、ZuoTingYouYuan

Decoration team

Comprehensive architectural engineering technician and professional management talent

Over 200+ senior technicians with varied skills

10+ Project managers with abundant site monitoring and project management experience

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